Best First Cars for new drivers in the UK

Welcome to – a great place to start looking for your FIRST used car. Passing the UK driving test sometimes leaves the new driver feeling daunted by the choice of cars. We are here to help the new driver buy their best first car – a vehicle that suits their lifestyle and budget. All the cars sold here are regular entries on the “Best Cars for New Drivers”. Automobile experts such as WhatCar, The AA, Motorway and AutoExpress publish these best car lists every year. Browse by BRAND of car here – with two models for each manufacturer. Click the image below to browse all the cars for sale added to the site this week. Or scroll down for a sample of the very latest cars – all listed in the last 24 hours

A selection of the Best First Cars in the UK - cars for new drivers available here

What is the best first vehicle for a new driver?

A very common question is – what car should a new driver buy as their first car? There are many factors that need taking in to consideration before making a decision – some of the most common considerations are:

  • Number of Passengers – will you want to carry more than one passenger
  • Affordable Insurance – what’s the maximum insurance group you can afford
  • How many doors – most popular for a first car is a 3 door hatchback. Would you prefer a 5 door hatchback or something totally different.
  • Economy and range – how far to you intend driving each day? With that in mind is a vehicle that only does 40mpg affordable? or is an electric car with a range of just 100 miles acceptable?
  • Style – something we have to mention, a very personal view. Does the car meet your style expectations?

If you need more help please visit our best cars for new drivers guide here. This simple Top 10 First Cars averages the scores from the most reputable and trustworthy automobile publications and websites. It’s just our opinion and we welcome visitors to contact us with their own views, experiences and preferences on their first car.

Examples of cars listed for sale today – 18th September 2021

Ford cars for the new driver

    Kia cars for new drivers

      Toyota models popular as a first car

        Vauxhall cars popular for the new driver

          Volkswagen cars recommended for new drivers

            Seat cars popular with new drivers

              Hyundai cars for new drivers

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                For each model of car we have added a filter to show cars UP TO £3,499 and cars ABOVE £3,500. This value is the approximate price a new driver will spend on their first car in 2020. My first car cost me £150 in 1985 (a Fiat 125s – 75HP). A first car needs to be reliable, easy to drive, economical and cheap to insure. A majority of the cars listed here are classified between insurance group 2 and 6 – however – please make certain that any particular model is within your insurance budget before completing a sale.

                Ford Fiesta & Ka for sale
                Hyundai for sale - i10 & i20
                Kia Rio & Picanto great first cars

                Renault Clio & Zoe excellent first cars
                Skoda Fabia & Citigo for the new driver
                Toyota Yaris & Aygo excellent for new drivers
                Vauxhall Adam & Corsa
                Volkswagen Up! and Polo
                Seat Ibiza & Mii for sale