Cheapest car insurance for new divers

To help get your premium down have compiled this guide to getting the lowest car insurance. Choosing your first car might be a little daunting but it can be fun if you follow some basic guidelines.

  • Price – set a budget and stick to it. There are literally hundreds of great first cars on the market – don’t pay more than you should
  • Number of Passengers – will you want to carry more than one passenger
  • Affordable Insurance – what’s the maximum insurance group you can afford
  • How many doors – most popular for a first car is a 3 door hatchback. Would you prefer a 5 door hatchback or something totally different.
  • Economy and range – how far to you intend driving each day? With that in mind is a vehicle that only does 40mpg affordable? or is an electric car with a range of just 100 miles acceptable?
  • Style – something we have to mention, a very personal view. Does the car meet your style expectations?

Narrow the selection by Insurance Group

Cars are allocated an insurance group that is used to calculate the annual premium. These insurance groups start at Group 1 – the CHEAPEST cars to insure – and finish at Group 50 – the MOST expensive cars to insure. At we have focused on cars that have models that fall in Insurance Groups 1 to 10. HOWEVER – some brands have a “sporty” model that should be avoided, for example some basic Toyota Yaris models fall in to insurance group 2 – but there are certain models classed as high as insurance group 36! Use a FREE service such as to check which insurance group a car falls in BEFORE negotiating.

Always get multiple insurance quotes

There’s no getting around the fact that a new driver’s first car is going to be expensive to insure. Many factors are considered when calculating the premium such as where the car is left at night, how old the driver, the car’s insurance group, the type of insurance required (Third Party, Fully Comprehensive) – they all have an impact on the insurance premium (more details later in this article). Once a car has been selected that falls in to a low insurance group it’s now time to start getting insurance quotes. At we are affiliated with Please click here for a quote from dozens of reputable insurance providers.

Factors that influence your car insurance premium

Using an insurance comparison webservice like takes in to consideration dozens of factors before serving you with a quote. At the top of this list is the car’s insurance group (1 to 50). There’s just a few things a new driver can do to reduce the premium such as increase the voluntary excess, but most are fixed by the drivers inexperience, their location, age, occupation etc.

  • Driver’s age
  • Location
  • Driving experience
  • Insurance type (third party, third party fire and theft, fully comprehensive)
  • Annual mileage
  • Telematics (having a black box installed)
  • Level of voluntary excess
  • Optional LEGAL assistance
  • Optional ACCIDENT assistance / recovery

When comparing insurance from multiple companies ensure that you are comparing LIKE to LIKE.

Ways to reduce your car insurance – tips and advice want you to buy insurance through them. To get your custom they have to offer you the best, most competitive car insurance. To help get your premium down have compiled this guide to getting the lowest car insurance quotes.

Check the cars History before purchasing

Before buying a new car it is always worth obtaining a vehicle history check. The free car checks online are not kept up to date. Every month people buy cars that have a hidden history or may even possibly be stolen. PLEASE use a service like MyCarCheck to ensure you are not buyinh a car with a hidden history

Is your car insured?

it’s easy to forget when your car insurance runs out. There are many ways to check if your car is insured – we use – a free service provided by AskMID. You can also check if your car has a valid MOT or vehicle tax.