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The i10 has established itself as an excellent car for new drivers. This popular small car regularly makes it way to the “best first cars lists” and for a good reason. The i10 is reasonably priced, cheap to insure, reliable and easy to drive & park. In recent years it has appeared in the automotive industry lists for the Top 10 cars for new drivers. Released in 2007/2008 the i10 replaced the Hyundai Atos. The i10 is made exclusively in India and exported to over 70 countries. It’s closest competitor is the Kia Picanto another popular first car from the South Korean competitor.

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Review of the 2018 i10 by CarWow

The Hyundai i10 is designed for buyers searching for a small, nippy car that’s easy to drive on city streets. Tiny dimensions and light steering make it easy to park, and a light weight means that it doesn’t use much fuel. But what happens if you need to venture further afield? How does it cope out on the open road, and is there space for your friends in the back? I find out this and much more in my full in-depth review.


in-Depth review of the 2020 model

This is the brand-new Hyundai i10! The old model was one of Mat’s favourite city cars, thanks to its spacious cabin and surprisingly comfy drive. So can this new version hold up against its predecessor? Like before, you get a choice of two different engines – however, this time, you can pick from a 1.0-litre with 67hp, or a 1.2-litre with 84hp. You also get a good ol’-fashioned manual gearbox. Is this a welcome upgrade or a fall from grace? Join Mat and see!


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