Renault Zoe – Information & Reviews

The Renault Zoe is the French company’s supermini / city car. Introduced in 2013 the Zoe is an ELECTRIC car with no fossil fuel options. The Zoe is a great option for a new driver looking for something with an environmentally friendly power source. It’s worth checking any used Zoe has an up to date battery leasing agreement (often part of the actual warranty).

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Renault ZOE 2018 in-depth review – Carbuyer

The Renault ZOE is an all-electric supermini with seating for five people and a decent-sized boot. It offers a decent electric driving range, and it drives so well and features enough equipment that it can be considered a rival for the Ford Fiesta and Renault Clio, particularly as it costs the same to buy as a diesel-powered Clio. However as battery purchase or monthly rental will increase your costs, the numbers really need to stack up for a switch to electric to make sense.


Renault Zoe review – the best value for money EV in 2020!

Renault’s updated the Zoe to give it some new tech, tweak the design, and more importantly, they’ve fitted a new battery and motor to give it better range! Of course, we’re not short on choice when it comes to the small EV market, with competition like the Peugeot e208 and MINI Electric already standing out from the crowd. So does the new Zoe have what it takes to go one better and become the must-have small EV of 2020?


Renault cars aimed at the NEW driver

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