Top 10 best cars for new drivers (update 2020)

Choosing your first car can be daunting. Some new drivers know the car they want, maybe a friend has one or it’s a car they learnt to drive in. In these cases it’s easy, just pop over to the make and model and browse the current selection of available cars. Other drivers might have a shortlist of a couple of cars. But a vast majority of new drivers really don’t know what they want or where to start. Some of the factors to be considered when choosing a first car include:

  • Price – set a budget and stick to it. There are literally hundreds of great first cars on the market – don’t pay more than you should
  • Number of Passengers – will you want to carry more than one passenger
  • Affordable Insurance – what’s the maximum insurance group you can afford (get a car insurance quote here)
  • How many doors – most popular for a first car is a 3 door hatchback. Would you prefer a 5 door hatchback or something totally different.
  • Economy and range – how far to you intend driving each day? With that in mind is a vehicle that only does 40mpg affordable? or is an electric car with a range of just 100 miles acceptable?
  • Style – something we have to mention, a very personal view. Does the car meet your style expectations?

The BEST cars for NEW drivers 2020/2021

The best cars for new drivers based on reviews, test drives, reports and surveys conducted by some of the UK’s most trustworthy automotive publications are …

It’s a very subjective list and we are certain visitors to this website will have their own opinions. Modern cars are nothing like the cars new drivers of older generations learned to drive in. Manufacturers’ didn’t really go out of their way to attract the new driver. Unfortunately the new drivers car was often just an old, cheap family car with a reasonably low power motor. Fortunately things have changed dramatically. The choice of first car for the new driver of the 2020’s in wide and generally very much fit for purpose. The most important things to remember are:

  • 1) Buy within budget and don’t overstretch in monthly payments
  • 2) check the insurance on a specific model BEFORE purchasing it
  • 3) Get as many car insurance for new driver quotes as you can
  • 4) check a vehicles hidden history with a company like MyCarCheck or HPI – it could save you thousands.