2013  volkswagen  up! Move up sat nav

2013 volkswagen up! Move up sat nav

  • Price : £1,995.00
  • Seller : rpc_18
  • Auction or Buy it Now : buy it now
  • Mileage : refer to listing
  • MOT : refer to listing
  • Condition :
    not specified
  • Location : Wakefield, Crofton, United Kingdom
  • Warranty : check listing
  • Description : 2013 volkswagen up! Move up sat nav
  • Bids (if auction) :
  • Ends on : 2021-05-27 20:18:24
  • Time Remaining : 2 weeks

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This vehicle comes from our selection of the best VW UP cars for sale. The Up is the perfect first car. It’s enjoyable to drive thanks to a very smooth ride, alert handling and excellent attention to detai. It’s style and top end build quality give it the edge over other vehicles in the new driver’s car category. The VW Up is both practical to drive and affordable to run. In just a few words it’s the perfect car for the first time driver. More details on the VW UP here – general information & reviews

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